John and his wife Anna decided that it was time for them to employ a housekeeper to take care of the house while they are at work. They contacted an agency to hire a girl, and the next morning a pretty girl showed up to start working for them. Little did Anna know, but this sweet girl was more than just your typical maid.

John was obviously attracted to the maid, but Anna seemed not to notice. Two days later, he started attempting to seduce her, promising bonuses on the side if she was to cooperate and have sex with him. Being young and in need, the proposal sounded appealing to her, though she feared that his wife would find out. The seduction went on for a while, with the maid attempting to get as much out of the situation as John was willing to give.

On Saturday, Anna planned to go shopping at the city market, as it was her routine. John told Anna that he wasn’t feeling well, so Anna told him to stay home, that she could handle the shopping. This was the perfect time for John to make a pass at the maid again. As soon as Anna went out, John snuck into the kitchen, where he found the maid mopping the floor. Looking at her plump ass sway as she mopped made him erect. He went to her and whispered in her ear that he wanted to fuck her so hard all over the house as he held her waist and rubbed his hard cock against her ass. She pulled away at first, and then turned around and faced him. She quickly asked what she would get if she let him have his way. He threw out a few figures, and once he got to one she liked the two were kissing like they were on a honeymoon. John’s hands never hesitated in roaming every inch of her curvy body.

They started out fucking on the kitchen counter, not even getting fully undressed. Then they decided to move to the living room, where in a matter of seconds they stripped naked. She lay on her back and opened her legs wide. John slid his dick inside her and fucked her hard. It must been that the maid was sex starved as she kept moaning while asking john to dig deep into her and fuck her harder. Visit here for more fun.

An hour of wild sex transpired before they took a shower together and came out again pretending as if nothing had happened. Anna came home from shopping and was none the wiser. From the look of things, John got an escort and a maid all in one!…

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